Bomb Threat Made to School System

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Authorities are investigating a bomb threat made this morning to Knox County schools. At around 7:00 AM, the Barbourville/Knox County 911 dispatch center received a call stating a bomb was at a Knox County school. The caller did not state which school and gave no location or information. The dispatch center alerted the Knox County Public School system and law enforcement who, along with school personnel, immediately began to search inside and outside all the school campuses. At the time, school buses were running, but most of the campuses were searched before buses arrived at the first school stop. The only thing located was an old fire extinguisher outside Lay Elementary. The Barbourville Fire Department was called to investigate, and firefighters determined it to be an abandoned extinguisher which posed be no threat. Knox County Public Schools say they “have increased safety measures throughout the past year to include metal detectors, hand held wand units, a school resource officer and increased safety for visitor check-in.” The school system says they do not believe the threat had any credibility, and classes proceeded, though with an increased law enforcement presence. Knox County Public Schools say they “treat all threats as if they are serious.” Meantime, authorities are trying to determine who made the threat.
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